Visit Blue Ridge

Recommend Your Rental Property Walk-Through


We only recommend places to stay to our followers that we have seen in person, so we have decided to start doing walk-throughs of rental properties in the area. This allows us to help promote more places than we currently are able to (we have a waitlist for our other promotion).

For this promotion, we spend 15-30 minutes walking through your rental to make sure that we feel comfortable recommending it to our followers. After the walk through, you can send us photos and/or videos to post about the rental property and we will post them in our feed and stories for 2 days. We will then periodically post and re-share your account's posts/reels that you tag us in over the years.

We will also add you permanently to our "Stay" highlight and you will be included in our suggestions to all of the people messaging us asking where to stay in the area.

You will have the opportunity to be added to our website now or in the future. This is an extra charge and, again, is only offered to places we have seen in person.

*We do not take any videos or photos while at the rental for this promotion, so we will only be sharing what you send to us.