Visit Blue Ridge

Cabin Stay + 100 Videos Package


This package combines our Cabin Stay and our 100 Videos offerings and saves you $200.

Message me with any questions about any of the packages on Instagram: @visitblueridge

What you will receive:
  • 100+ short video clips (unedited) for you to save to your phone to make reels out of. The videos will be on your cabin/rental, restaurants, hikes, waterfalls, mountain views, shops, places to stay (unless your business is a cabin), snow fall in the mountains, mountain sunsets, scenery in the area, coffee shops, places to grab a drink, things to do/see, etc.
    • The 7+ videos will be sent to you each Sunday for 15 weeks.
  • Weekly marketing and reel tips sent to you by email
  • After we stay in your cabin for one night, we will include the videos we take there as part of your 100 videos for you to then share on your reels.
  • You will be added to our "Stay" highlight on Instagram and be given as an option to those who ask us where to stay.
  • We will post about your rental in our stories and create at least 2 reels about your place. We also frequently re-share what you tag us in since we have worked with you in the past.

*You must create a Google account with any email address or create a Gmail email address to receive the videos.

100 Videos Information:

It takes 100 days of CONSISTENT posting on Instagram to gain momentum and get the algorithm on your side. CONSISTENT on Instagram means: 1. Posting within the same 1-2 hours each day. 2. Posting every day for 100 consecutive days and then finding a consistent schedule that you can maintain after those 100 days are up.

Potential customers coming to north Georgia want to see your restaurant/shop/rental property, but they also want to gain valuable information from you about the area they are coming to visit.

Pro tip: waterfalls are a huge hit!

It can take several days and hundreds of dollars for gas and food to gather videos for 100 DAYS of content on waterfalls/hikes, restaurants, coffee shops, places to grab a drink, activities, places to shop and see, etc. Trust me, I know! It's part of my job!

That is why I have decided to offer 100 videos for you to use as your own reels (without having to tag me)! This will make sure that you always have something to post so that you can complete 100 days of consecutive content without the stress of running out of things to make videos on or having to make something last minute!

These videos, combined with photo posts of your business, will strengthen the trust between you and your current and potential customers. The algorithm will then decide that you are providing value to your customers and will show your content to more people.

Can you go grab a coffee for $4 to make a content video of a local coffee shop or use $4 worth of gas to get to a waterfall hike and back home? Maybe sometimes, but unfortunately it is rare.

    As a thank you for reading to the end, 4AM is currently the best time to post reels on Instagram across all time zones. That time does change periodically, so make sure you check your analytics. The most important thing is to Be Consistent!

    Cabin Stay:

    We almost daily get asked by our followers where to stay and, being locals, we couldn’t give honest recommendations to them because we had never stayed here in a rental. That is why we started offering this service: so that we would be able to give people, with confidence because we had experienced these places firsthand, options on where to stay on their visit. We are only going to be doing 2 (max 3) cabins per month now, so that our followers can really enjoy the times we do post about cabins and it won’t be over saturated.

    We work to find a day, even weekdays and frequently last minute/the day before, where you do not have anyone booked. 2-3 of us then stay the night and make a live video/content/reels/posts that we share while we are there, share heavily the next few days, and then sprinkle in on a schedule over the months/years in our feed. You would be added to our suggested cabin “where to stay” highlight and I try to frequently share your posts and personal reels on my stories as well. You would also be added to this under construction website at no charge.

    If, for whatever reason, I felt like I could not honestly recommend your cabin (right next to a smelly chicken plant, everything is falling apart, etc.), I would refund your money. Every time someone asks me where to stay, I give them all of the cabins we’ve stayed with that meet their needs based on how many people are coming and then they are able to check on which cabins are available.

    We will then also be open to hosting a cabin stay Giveaway with you to gain you even more potential guests as followers (on average 300), if that is something you’re interested in, or coming up with a special discount code for my followers where you can track who all is booking through seeing my posts (all of that would be up to your preferences and not required). *I find it most successful to plan a Giveaway to be going on starting the day we get to your cabin and ending 1 week later. This helps us post live content that gets our followers excited about it. Giveaways are best when they offer 2 nights free (a full weekend), but we can always do 1 night free. In the Giveaway Rules, we always say “subject to cabin’s availability”.