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Get More Rental Bookings Step By Step Instagram Plan


I only take 3 clients per month for my $1,000 total takeover and am booked for the next few months with that package, so I decided to create a 30 day step by step plan. This plan explains exactly what I do for the accounts I take over to help you grow your Instagram following and to get more bookings. You can continue to implement this strategy again and again (I recommend completing this 30 day strategy 4 times in a row to hit 100 days of consistency that I talk about below).

Once a week over the 5 week period (30 days), I will email you your step by step guide which includes what types of content to post, what kinds of stories to post, and what kinds of reels to post, what kind of accounts to tag, as well as who to follow and interact with. I will include a few of my best captions for you to try out as well. I am also open for any and all questions during that time period!

This package also includes our 100 Videos Package ($400 value) and our 15 Week Instagram Reels & Marketing Training so that you can continue posting reels for 100 consecutive days, which is what we recommend for Instagram to see you as a consistent account based on our experience with the Instagram algorithm.